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Innovative Development and Live Project


This vehicle is designed to run both on and off roads. It is completely designed and fabricated by our students. This was initially a three wheeler auto. A wheel hub and wheel is attached to the modified front axle, which makes it a 4 wheeler bike. The steering is controlled by handle bar. A recirculating ball type steering gearbox with steering linkages are connected at front.  Wishbone arm type suspensions are attached with front axle, so that it can absorb more shocks when going off roads.




This is a four wheeler rear wheel driven vehicle with 4-stroke diesel engine. It is completely designed and fabricated by our students. They have assembled various components to fabricate this vehicle. A bucket is attached at rear portion which can carry loads. The engine is located at front. A belt type clutch is used.  Cross section of frame is “l” type. Engine  starting  system is manually operated. The cost of this vehicle is low and affordable for farmers. The  purpose of making this vehicle is to help the farmers to carry loads.





This is a three wheeler vehicle which can be driven by steering column. The total concept is developed by our students. And the vehicle is completely fabricated by them. The vehicle can be steered also even if it is in running condition. There are both forward movement and backward movement is possible. A paddle is attached by pressing which someone can change the direction of motion of the vehicle. This is a concept project and it can be developed further to meet proper running conditions at roads.